Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Meet The Brewer with Liverpool Organic Brewery

June 18th saw the second of our meet the brewer nights. This time with the Liverpool Organic Brewery.

Karl Critchly, the head brewer from Liverpool Organic lead us through a range of his beers, including one which was new to all of us (including Karl.)

The beers in order were:
  • 24 Carat Gold
  • Honey Blond
  • Best Bitter
  • Josephine Butler
  • Ship Wreck IPA
  • Imperial Russian Stout
The first three beers were decent quality session style. Gentle murmurs of appreciation for them all, very polite and sedate. It was the next 3 that made it a lot more interesting.

Josephine Butler is the new elderflower ale that had just finished conditioning in the bottle. This is the new experimental beer and, although slightly too sweet and floral for some tastes, was generally received well. Also by this time, the noise was growing gradually and the atmosphere was building nicely.

Next came the Shipwreck IPA. At 6.5%, it's quite a full on beer for some people. However the reaction was very good. The night was in full swing now which made it perfect for the final beer of the tasting, the Imperial Russian Stout. I'm happy to put this forward as one of my favourite beers, a really rich, decadent, chunky beast of a beer. Some people were tentative in their first sips, 8.1% being far stronger than they'd normally drink .But it actually ended as one of the most popular beers of the evening.

The final part of the evening is where the guests get to pick their own bottles. I was impressed to see how many went for a full bottle of the Imperial Russian Stout or Shipwreck IPA. Karl was similarly chuffed that a number went for his new project, Josephine Butler.

Great night and a big thanks to Karl for his help.

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