Monday, 15 August 2011

The Non-Stop Rise of Beer

Roughly five years ago, on a squash court in Ormskirk, I put to my long suffering business partner an idea for a new venture. A deli, with informal dining and a killer wine selection to drink on and off the premises. In four months time, Source Deli will be in it's fourth year.

We have a carefully selected wine list which offers something different from supermarkets. Along side this, we have always had a small selection of interesting beers. Some, local breweries, a smattering of Europe and a couple from around the world. Our customers kept asking for new beers, new breweries and new styles. This fed into our passion for discovering new flavours. Over the last 12 months, our range has continued to grow and we are becoming recognised as much for our beer, as for our food and wine.

To celebrate this, we're holding our first (of many) beer & food festival this October. As anybody who knows us will appreciate, we like to add a spin to all of our events. Friday 28th will be a classic beer, barbecue and pub jukebox night. Saturday 29th will be a 10 course tapas (from around the world) and beer matching meal. Sunday 30th will focus on our chosen charity, Macmillan, and run through the afternoon.

We look forward to seeing a lot of our growing number of beer enthusiasts, as well as some new devotees. As long as everybody understands that I will finish the night with my customary glass of red wine, I'm sorry, habits are hard to break.